Photographer's Peace  

Photographer's Peace

Photography~ from the Greek, photo {light}, graph {to write}, literally, {to write with light}, thus a photographer is~ {one who writes with light}

The most fundamental imperative of the photographer is to 're-master' the objective reality with subjective vision, capturing the essence of light and shadow in the duration of the shutter's unfolding, and transposing this instanced configuration of elemental matter onto a receptive medium.

It is not our place to intentionally impose judgment (autonomic responses are inevitable) in our subjects rather it is our responsibility to render a state of neutrality in our images that provokes interpretation and diffuses our visionary processes.

At its pinnacle, photography is a 'sacred art'. One that allows the artist to participate in the act of 'creation': to gather the matter collective and re-arrange it to the threshold of our creative visual acuity. Thus, there is an integral element of 'beauty' in this art, as with all art, and it is this inexplicable innate beauty that we seek to assume the soul of our momentary captures.

As such, this mode of expression is not be used as an instrument of slander or the vehicle of pejorative, which without, still it does not diminish the power of striking or the quality to compel as these exist independent of malevolent intent.

It is here then, in harmony with this pact, that I am a photographer at peace.

---art is creation, the void is destruction. i choose art.---