Photography is Art  [1]

Photography is Art

Photography is a method of communication, simultaneously more visual and visceral than words can express. It allows us to speak in a language incomprehensible to speech, completely bypasses all social barriers, and renders the soul of the artist vulnerable.

Art, in essence, is formless, pure feeling, and genuine emotion, even when it is a product of artificial contrivances. True art surrenders the ego and allows the spirit to be liberated, stimulating the illumination of the soul.

It is timeless, eternal and non-eternal, existing and non-existing; transforms, evolves, while its splendor remains constant.

When we participate as artists, we actively engage in the process of creation; creating a legacy and perpetuating our unique existential signatures. Since [we] are masterful works of art, it follows that our inner drive compels us to gravitate toward the procreation of this universal imperative.